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Bookkeeping Zoom Launches Services Today

Mar 28, 2019

California based Bookkeeping Zoom is proud to announce the launch of its online bookkeeping services for small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent contractors. For $99/month, Bookkeeping Zoom automates the bookkeeping process and offers full service bookkeeping and support through an online portal. A financial statement and a monthly expense overview is provided to customers through a beautiful, easy-to-read dashboard.

“The average small business owner is spending 5-10 hours doing bookkeeping each month. Our service takes this off of the business owner’s plate, so they can spend that time on tasks related to running and growing their business.” says Max Emma, CEO of Bookkeeping Zoom. Customers are onboarded through a phone call, then can choose how they would like to communicate with their bookkeeper – through the online portal, email, or phone. Client accounts and statements can be automatically synced to Bookkeeping Zoom, making it easy for Zoom’s bookkeepers to access the numbers they need to complete the bookkeeping each month.

“I felt there was a need for an easy to use, remote, and cost-effective service to help entrepreneurs get the job done and stay on top of their finances. Seeing a visual of monthly income and expenses definitely helps small business owners stay in control and focus on growth. Managing numbers in an excel spreadsheet can be a complete mess, but some businesses also don’t consider themselves big enough to hire a bookkeeping agency. We make it easy for independents to get started with a bookkeeper at a cost-effective price.” says Max.

Bookkeeping Zoom is currently available to residents of the United States. The company offers a 1-month free trial with no commitment to any business that wants to try out the service.

About Bookkeeping Zoom: Bookkeeping Zoom is an online bookkeeping service for small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent contractors. For $99/month, Bookkeeping Zoom automates bookkeeping services through an easy to use online portal.

Visit www.bookkeepingzoom.com to learn more and start your free month of bookkeeping.

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